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New Logo for the team formerly known as the Quakes

Arkham, Massachusetts -- Paul Kitchens, owner of the ex-California Quakes announced today that his team is heading east and will now be known as the Miskatonic Pseudopods. The Pods will be using the friendly confines of Fenway Park this upcoming season. There had been rumors about the Quakes moving since the middle of last season. It was first believed that the Quakes, uh, Pods would become the Rushmore Memorials but they were thwarted in attempts to build a park in the Park. Kitchens then contacted the Arkham city council, who agreed to take in the team under the condition that the Pods minor-league teams be located in nearby Kingsport and in Arkham itself. The teams will be known as the Arkham Asylums and the Kingsport Dreamers.
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